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2000L Double Wall Fuel Tank 110% Bunded Secondary Containment


Cube tanks are the best solution for storage and dispensing of diesel, petrol and lubricant oils. Cube Tanks are designed for easy and convenient installation either indoors, in service bays or basements, or outdoors, next to the building.

Double-Wall Containment for Added Security

Double-wall tanks are AS1692 and AS1940 designed as integral secondary containment and therefore do not require dikes for leak containment.

Special colors, coatings and, custom dimensions and refueling equipment packages are available upon request.

Standard Features:

· Meets AS1692 and AS1940 Standard

· Tanks can be stacked three high empty and two high full to maximise storage space

· Baffled internally to reduce product movement should the unit be moved with contents.

· Fork lift pockets are accessible from all sides, as well as lifting eyes to each corner.

· Colour standard is white

· Double-Wall

· Galvanized lifting lugs

Cubes Offer:

· As an auxiliary fuel tank providing longer engine running time for generator set.

· Fuel storage for the machinery and equipment on-site fueling.

· Multiple supply-Feed & return fuel lines for engines.

· Refuel equipment could be fitted on the tank for pumping.

· Cubes are designed for easy and convenient installation:

· In service bays

· Indoors

· In service bays

· Basements

· Outdoors next to buildings

· All tanks are AS1692 and AS1940 Standard design and meet fire code requirements for flammable and combustible liquid storage.

Tank Specification

· Dimension: L 2,710mm x W1,020mm x H 1,243mm

· Tank Capacity: 2,220Litres

· Safe fill level: 2,000Litres

· Tare weight: 700kg

· Painting System ,Three coats paint

Bigger capacity up to 15,000 liters for optional

Other types for customer custom-made.

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