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  • ※ Closed transition and open transition are both by one electromagnetic winding

    ※ Simple in structure and convenience in examine and maintain

    ※ With latest reliable sliding contact,with strong overload capacity

    ※ Eliminate the superabundance electric parts,use life more than 10000 times.

    16A ~ 3200A 3P 4P Current Range

Keywords: Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) | Automatic Changeover Switch | ATS For Generator

What is the Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS )?

Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS ) adopt high quality and reliable switch module which is designed for emergency power supply.  It is mainly applies as standby power supply, when mains power network blocked out,  the ATS make the gen-set automatically continues to supply power for the user loads within seconds and when the source recovers, the controller stops the gen-set and connects the users loads to main power network.  It can realized the transfer between mains and mains or mains and generator and require less time for transferring.  It is mainly composition of component and circuit breaker that can be manual or automatic control for on-off of electricity. Simple structure and it is easy to operate. It can be widely used at the field of important power supply site, which transport, distribution power supply system and automatization system. For fire protection,hospital,bank,building, etc, where doesn't allow power off.

What is your Automatic Transfer Switch Current Range?

WALT provide 16A ~ 3200A 3P 4P Automatic Transfer and auto changeover Switch.

Do you have Automatic Transfer Controller?

Yes, we also provide dual power source automatic swich intelligent controller with core microprocessor, the module can be accurately detecting two three-phase voltage.

During loss of electricity, over voltage, under voltage, phase, the system can make accurate diagnose and make control to ATS switch.
The controller is capable of sending accurate signal to start generator when city power fails.

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