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 CNG Generators
CNG Generators
  • ※ No Exhaust Gas,Start quickly in cold region,Lower running cost
    ※ Gas consumption: less than 0.28cbm/kWh 
    ※ Low operation cost of nature gas generator
    ※ High profit of nature gas generator: low operation&maintenance cost, supply of electricity and thermal power at the same time.
    ※ Long designed overhaul term: 25000 ~ 30000 hours
    ※ Electronic Air/Gas mixer. The mixer guarantees optimum air-fuel ratio, improves thermal efficiency, reduces NOx emission. Unique air-fuel ratio adjusting system suits 30% ~ 90% methane density. 

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WALT provides Natual Gas ( CNG ) engine generator and Power Plant in Shanghai China. WALT Natural Gas engine generator driven by CUMMINS, UK PERKINS, MWM-DEUTZ, MAN, JDEC etc famous brand, and coupled with Stamford, Siemens, Mecc Alte or Leroy Somer top quality alternators, scope of power output from 20kVA up to 2,750kVA.  By adopting gas generators concerning technologies of mixer,ignitions system, governor system from WOODWARD,HEINZMANN,ALTRONIC,IMPCO and equivalents, WALT natural gas ( CNG )generator can run at highly steady and credible performance, easy for maintenance, more longer life and economic cost based on reliable quality.

CUMMINS Natural Gas Generator 30kVA to 2,750kVA.
PERKINS Natural Gas Generator 375kVA to 1,250kVA.
MWM-DEUTZ Natural Gas Generator 500kVA to 1,250kVA
MAN Natural Gas Generator 50kVA to 625kVA

JDEC Natural Gas Generator 500kVA to 1,500kVA

► Applicable Fuels of Natural Gas Scope
Methane Based Gas, mainly including natural gas (CNG, LNG, PNG), Oilfield Assoicated Gas, Coalmine Gas, Coalbed Gas,  Coal Well Gas, Shales Gas and so on.

♦ Compressed natural gas: CNG is methane stored under high pressure in a gaseous form, making it lighter than air. It is safer than gasoline and diesel because it's nontoxic, and disperses quickly.

♦ Liquefied natural gas: LNG is methane cryogenically cooled to a liquid form, reducing its volume for ease in storage and transport. LNG provides fleet managers with the ability to store more fuel with less tank weight, thus creating an efficient and cost-saving fueling solution for heavy-duty trucking, marine, and rail fleets.

♦ Oilfield Gas: other named associated petroleum gas (APG), or associated gas, is a form of natural gas which is found with deposits of petroleum, either dissolved in the oil or as a free "gas cap" above the oil in the reservoir.

♦ Coalbed methane gas: coal-bed methane (CBM), coalbed gas, coal seam gas or coal-mine methane, is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds. In recent decades it has become an important source of energy in United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

♦ Shale Gas: shale gas a kind of natural gas that is found trapped within shale formations.Shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in the United States since the start of this century, and interest has spread to potential gas shales in the rest of the world. In 2000 shale gas provided only 1% of U.S. natural gas production; by 2010 it was over 20% and the U.S. government's Energy Information Administration predicts that by 2035, 46% of the United States' natural gas supply will come from shale gas.

► Normal Quality Requirements for natural gas
Content of CH4 ≥70%
Gas Pressure: 2~8kpa for Cummins engines, 100~400kpa for JDEC Engines, rate of pressure change ≤1kpa/min
H2S≤20mg/Nm3, Total Sulfur Content 460mg/Nm3
Dust Content ≤10mg/Nm3
No Liquid Water, Moisture Content≤40g/Nm3
Impurity particular≤5um, Impurity content ≤30mg/Nm3
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