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5 tips help you better saving fuel for your Residential Diesel Generator.

1.     Diesel purification.

As we known, diesel oil contain a variety of minerals and impurities. If diesel oil have not be filtered or purification, plunger and fuel injection head will be affected cause diesel oil supply uneven and oil atomization phenomenon, it will leads to engine output power go down and fuel consumption increased. We suggest diesel oil placed for a period of time and precipitation impurities. When adding fuel, it is better use filter mesh to filtering impurities.

2.     Clean Carbon Deposition

When generator running, carbon deposition adhere to valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle and top of piston. It will increase the fuel consumption and should be cleared timely.

3.     Don’t overload operation

Generator overload running will produce black smoke. Black smoke mean is fuel have not entered sufficient combustion. If the generator often produce black smoke, fuel consumption will be increased and service life of related spare parts will be reduced.

4.     Keep the water temperature

If the cooling water temperature too low, fuel can’t entered sufficient combustion and reduce the engine output power. Best use soft water, such as river water.

5.     Regular maintenance, repair

More tips, please contact Residential and Industrial Backup Diesel Generators.

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