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5KVA Diesel Generator Collection of Frequently Asked Questions

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5KVA diesel generator because of its small size and ease of moving the output power lasting and stable, so it can meet the majority of cases of emergency backup power needs, so it has been a lot of individuals or small businesses first.

This article will be on the purchase of the 5KVA diesel generator when the common buying and using questions are analyzed and answered in detail.

WDG-7800DSE 5kVA 5kW Diesel Generator

Type of 5kVA Diesel Generator

5KVA diesel generator sets are available in two styles: silent and open frame.

As the name suggests, the silent model has with soundproof cover, can effectively reduce the noise generated by the generator set operation, and placed outdoors can be overall waterproof.

The open frame model means without a soundproof cover, the noise generated by the unit when running is larger, and not waterproof, if the environmental noise requirements are higher, the open frame model is not applicable.

If the unit is not used for a long time, it is recommended to keep it indoors.

Standard Voltage and Frequency of 5KVA Diesel Generator

5KVA diesel generator sets support single-phase and three-phase 50HZ 220v-400v, 60Hz 110v-480v voltage and frequency. Special dual voltage can also be supported.

WDG-7800DSE 5kVA 5kW Diesel Generator Panel
Single Phase Voltage 50Hz220v, 230v, 240v
Single Phase Voltage 60Hz110v, 115v, 120v,220v, 230v
Three Phase Voltage 50Hz380v, 400v, 415v
Three Phase Voltage 60Hz220v, 230v, 440v, 460v, 480v
Special Dual Voltage & Frequency110/220v 50Hz, 120/240v 60Hz etc.

The Common Buying and Using Questions With The 5kVA Diesel Generator List

Q1. What will a 5kVA diesel generator run?

The 5KVA diesel generator can provide a stable power supply for a wide range of application scenarios, power tools, and equipment, as well as powering sensitive electronic devices or electrics such as refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, televisions, pumps, mobile phones, computers, printers and more.

5Kva Diesel Generator Power to Home Appliances

Q2. Can a 5kVA generator power a house?

For the average household, it is recommended that the minimum power is not less than 5KVA. This range can easily run all household appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, or other large power devices.

Q3. What is the power output of a 5kVA generator?

WDG-6800 series, max 5kVA, rated 4.5kVA output power

WDG-7800 series, max 5.5kVA, rated 5kVA output power

Q4. How many amps of 5kVA diesel generator?

50Hz Single Phase

Rated 22.6 ARated 21.7 ARated 20.8 A
Max. 25AMax. 24AMax. 23A
220V 22.6A Current of 5kVA Diesel Generator

50Hz Three Phase

Rated 9.5ARated 9 ARated 8.7A
Max. 10.45A Max. 10A per phaseMax. 9.6A

60Hz Single Phase

Rated 45ARated 41.5ARated 22.7 A
Max. 50ARated 45.8ARated 25A

60Hz Three Phase

Rated 16.4ARated 8.2ARated 7.8A
Max. 18AMax. 9AMax. 8.6A

Q5. How much horsepower (hp) of 5kVA diesel generator ?

5kVA diesel generator outputs a maximum of 7.5hp power.

Q6. How much rpm/speed of 5kVA diesel generator ?

5kVA diesel generator driven by 3000 or 3600 rpm/speed air-cooled diesel engine.

Q7. How many oil capacity of 5kVA diesel generator?

5kVA diesel generator oil capacity is 1.65 liters.

Engine oil capacity

Q8. How many weight of 5kVA diesel generator?

5kVA silent diesel generator, electric start with battery, weight 152Kg

5kVA open-frame diesel generator, electric start with battery weight is 105Kg

Equips with wheels and handle for easy move.

Q9. Does the 5kVA diesel generator can auto start/stop?

Yes, 5kVA diesel generator equips with automatic transfer switch. The genset can auto start or stop when mains power failure/normal.

5kVA 5kW ATS

Q10. What size is a 5kVA diesel generator?

5kVA silent diesel generator size is 920x530x680mm (length, width, height)

5kVA open-frame diesel generator size is 705x490x590mm (length, width, height)

Q11. How long can a diesel generator run continuously?

5kVA diesel generator is equipped with 15 liter capacity fuel tank. After filling the full tank of diesel, it can continuously work 8.5 hours at a full load of 5kVA.

Q12. How much fuel does a 5kVA generator use per hour?

Average consumption of 1.76 liters of diesel per hour.

Q13. Can a 5kVA generator power a fridge?


Yes, sure. Easy to power a fridge. Because the diesel generator equips AVR, it works better to power a fridge as it does a better job keeping voltage up.

Small-sized refrigerator running watts can range from 50W to 150W, whereas starting wattages are between 200W to 500W.

Medium-sized refrigerator running watts can range from 200W to 400W, whereas starting wattages are between 600W to 1200W.

Large-sized refrigerator running watts can range from 500W to 1000W, whereas starting wattages are between 1500W to 4000W.

Usually, starting watts are three times more than the running watts.

Q14. Can a 5kVA generator power an air-conditioner?

Yes, can. Here are the recommended AC BTU parameters for a 5KVA generator that can be started and run.

5000 BTU Windows AC = 0.9kW

6000 BTU Windows AC = 1.1kW

8000 BTU Windows AC = 1.2 to 1.5kW

10,000 BTU window AC =1.4-1.8kW

12,000 BTU window AC =1.6-2kW

8,000 BTU portable AC – 1kW

10,000 BTU portable AC – 1.2kW

12,000 BTU portable AC – 1.5kW

14,000 BTU portable AC – 1.8kW

Q15. Do diesel generators run longer than gas or petrol?

Diesel run longer than gas and petrol

Yes. The generator powered by diesel fuel with following beneifts:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Diesel generators tend to be more fuel-efficient and provide longer run times compared to gasoline generators.
  • Stability: Diesel fuel is less volatile than gasoline, which can contribute to a safer storage environment
  • Reliability: Diesel engines are renowned for their durability and longer lifespan.

Q16. How far should a diesel generator be from the house?

The distance between the diesel generator and the house should be at least 15-30 feet to prevent noise and exhaust fumes from entering the house.

Q17. What is the maintenance schedule for a 5kVA diesel generator?

Interval of maintenance itemEveryday1st month or after 20hrs3rd month or 100hrs6th month or 500 hrsEvery year or 1000hrs
Check and fill enough fuel
Discharge fuel
Check and fill enough engine oil
Check whether it leaks oil
Check and screw each fastened part● screw the bot of cylinder head firmly
Exchange engine oil● (1st time)● (2nd time later)
Clean filter of engine oil● exchange
Exchange air filter element● exchange
Clean filter of fuel● exchange
Check high pressure oil pump
Check nozzle
Check fuel pipe● exchange
Adjust the gaps of air intake and air exhausted gate● exchange (1st time)
Grind air intake and air exhaust gate
Exchange pistion ring
Check electrolytic solution of accumulator● every month● every month● every month● every month
Check electric brush and slide ring
***check insulation resistance: the time of stop is over 10 days.

Q18. What are the recommended running hours of a generator before service?

The recommended running time for servicing a 5kVA diesel generator is usually around 250 hours. However, this may vary depending on the guidelines and specific conditions of use. Always refer to the generator manual for exact service intervals and maintenance requirements.

Q19. If the 5KVA diesel generator set has not been used for a long time, how should it be operated before being it again?

Start the 5kVA diesel generator

If your generator needs to be stored for long periods of lime, the following preparations should be


  • Start the diesel engine for 3 minutes then stop it.
  • When the engine is still hot, change the engine oil with new engine oil of the proper grade.
  • Pull the rubber plug out of the cylinder head cover and put 2CC of lubricating oil in it, thencover the plug hole up again.
  • For manual starting generator welders, press the decompression to handle down and pull therecoil handle 2 or 3 times. This pushes the intake out. (Do not start the engine)
  • For the electric start of the generator, press the decompression handle down and crank the engine for 2-3 seconds. To do this, put the starter switch in the “Start” position. (Do not start the diesel engine)
  • Finally, pull the recoil starter until you feel resistance; this is when the piston is on thecompression stroke where the intake and exhaust valves are closed. Having the intake and exhaust valves closed will prevent rust, as moisture cannot get inside the combustion chamber
  • Clean the engine and store it in a dry place.

Q20. If the 5kVA diesel generator set encounters a fault, how to quickly troubleshoot it?

Troubleshoot 5kVA Diesel Generator

5kVA Diesel Generator can not be start

Causes of malfunctionRemedy
Not enough diesel fuelAdd enough diesel fuel
The switch of fuel is not at “OPEN” positionTurn the switch of fuel to “OPEN” position
High-pressure pump and nozzle do not inject fuel or the injected amount is lessDisassemble the nozzle and adjust it at test table
Speed control lever is not at “RUN” positionTurn speed control lever to “RUN” position
Check level of lubrication oilThe standard oil amount of lubricating oil should be betwen high graduation “H” and Low graduation “L”
It is not quick and powerful to pull reactive atarter Start diesel engine in accordance with the requirements of “start operation procedures”
Nozzle exists dirtClean the nozzle
Accumulator has not electricityCharge the accumulator or exchange it

5kVA Diesel Generator can not generate electricity and has not voltage

Master switch (NFB) is not be switched on Turn master switch handle to “ON” position
Carbon brush of alternator was worn. The contact is badExchange the carbon brush
The contact of socket is badAdjust the contact feet of socket
The rated revolution of engine cannot be reachedMake it reach to the rated revolution in accordance with the requirements
AVR automatic governor is damagedExchange it
Produce lot of black smokeOverload and stop the generator


The 5kVA diesel generator offers a flexible and reliable power supply for various small power applications, ensuring uninterrupted operations during power outages. Also, a 5kVA diesel generator with low maintenance requirements and long service life, this unit provides peace of mind for customers seeking a dependable power prime or backup solution.

WALT Power is a leading Chinese generator set manufacturer and supplier, we provide comprehensive power solutions whether for businesses or individuals. Walt Power’s 5kVA diesel generator passed ISO9001 and Europe CE certification. Contact us now to get the latest price!

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