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Industrial Diesel Generators Buying Guide

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As industrial technology becomes increasingly advanced, it is very important to ensure the stable operation of industrial power.

As a reliable backup power source, industrial diesel generators can provide continuous power supply for industrial equipment in the event of a sudden power outage, thus avoiding huge losses caused by power outages.

At present, many brands of industrial generator sets are available on the market, and how to choose a suitable industrial diesel generator set is also a difficulty many users encounter when purchasing.

In this guide to purchasing industrial diesel generator sets, we will elaborate on how to choose the right industrial diesel generator set for your company/business.

From the output power of the generator set to daily installation and maintenance, we will provide relevant suggestions for your choice and find the industrial diesel generator set that suits your company’s needs.

Walt Power- Open Type Industrial Diesel Generator

Determine The Total Power Capacity Required Before Purchasing Industrial Diesel Generators

The power range of industrial diesel generator sets ranges from 100KW to more than 2MW above.

Enterprises can choose industrial diesel generator sets that only meet basic load needs.

Or you can also choose large industrial diesel generator sets that can fully meet the normal operation of the entire industry.

Therefore, before choosing an industrial diesel generator set, a comprehensive assessment of the company’s power usage must be conducted.

Such an assessment should be completed by a professional electrician. A qualified electrician will consider the equipment and type of equipment and power capacity that the generator set needs to power during a power outage, and will also consider any potential surges or peak power requirements that may occur during the operation of the generator set in the long term.

Qualified electrician

At the same time, it is also important to plan for future power growth and expansion to ensure that the industrial diesel generator set you choose can meet the changing power needs of your company.

As a professional manufacturer of industrial diesel generator sets, we hope to provide every customer with an industrial diesel generator set that can effectively meet your company’s peak power needs and will not have any output power problems.

Determine The Installation Space and Electrical Line Planning For Industrial Diesel Generators

After determining the total power of the required industrial diesel generator set, professional generator set manufacturers will provide matching diesel generator sets and recommended installation dimensions according to the generator set power.

Enterprises can measure the space required for the installation site, exhaust and maintenance channels, noise reduction, electrical line connection, and other planning in advance according to the recommended installation dimensions.

Such evaluation planning should be completed by professional installers and electrical contractors.

Qualified and professional installers and electrical contractors will consider the balance between the power output and installation space of the generator set during operation, and reasonably plan the connection lines between the generator set and the electrical equipment and the mains to ensure safe operation.

Walt Power - Silent Industrial Diesel Generator 200kVA

Because of the large output power, the industrial diesel generator set will be noisier when running at full load.

When selecting an industrial diesel generator set, it is also necessary to evaluate the impact of the noise level on the surrounding environment.

If it is an open industrial area and the surrounding environment does not require high noise, open-frame or silent industrial diesel generator sets can be selected, and the comprehensive cost of the open-frame type is lower.

If the surrounding environment has high noise requirements, silent industrial diesel generator sets are more recommended.

Both open-frame and silent industrial diesel generator sets can be installed outdoors or in a separate basement.

Mobility of Industrial Diesel Generators

Mobile industrial diesel generators are another important factor that companies need to consider, which also depends on the company’s demand for mobile power.

In some cases, companies need to move industrial diesel generator sets to remote areas or construction sites.

Walt Power - Mobile Industrial Diesel Generator

As a professional generator set manufacturer, we will configure two-wheeled or four-wheeled mobile trailers for industrial diesel generator sets, which are connected to the rear of the transport vehicle at a speed of 40-60 kilometers per hour to facilitate the transportation of the generator set.

This mobile industrial diesel generator set will also have a large-capacity built-in fuel tank that can be directly connected to the industrial output socket.

Fuel Consumption of Industrial Diesel Generators

Since industrial diesel generator sets have high output power, they consume more fuel.

Choosing high-quality engines with advanced fuel injection systems and low fuel consumption is the key to saving operating costs and also helps reduce emissions.

Such diesel engines can run efficiently for a long time and are equipped with a powerful cooling system to help the generator set dissipate heat well.

The industrial diesel generator sets provided by WALT POWER can meet the above requirements well, with a power range from 100KW to 2000KW above.

Maintenance of Industrial Diesel Generators

Another key consideration when choosing an industrial diesel generator is the subsequent maintenance and repair.

Diesel generator sets usually require regular inspection and maintenance, such as changing the oil filter, diesel filter, air filter, and engine oil, checking the fuel system, and electrical lines, and regular load testing.

Walt Power - Industrial Diesel Generator Onsite Maintenance

These tasks help to discover any potential hidden dangers and ensure that the diesel generator set always performs optimally and has a longer life.

Therefore, as a professional generator set manufacturer, we will recommend customers give priority to choosing well-known engine brands with a wide local service network and spare parts supply to ensure timely maintenance and repairs, minimizing downtime in emergencies.

If the customer has his maintenance team, we will provide customers with more cost-effective engine brands and provide subsequent maintenance accessories and solutions at cost price.

Purchasing Budget For Industrial Diesel Generators

When choosing an industrial diesel generator set, you need to consider your overall budget, including the purchase cost and the subsequent maintenance and potential repair costs.

Industrial Diesel Generator Purchasing Budget

It is also important to stay within your budget. But the most important thing to remember is that investing in a high-quality industrial diesel generator set from a reputable and professional manufacturer may be more cost-effective in the long run because it can ensure reliable performance, lower maintenance costs, and longer service life.

Of course, comparing prices from different manufacturers and suppliers may help you make an informed decision that fits your budget and business needs.

Types of Industrial Diesel Generators

There are several types of industrial diesel generator sets to choose from, and understanding the following types can help you choose the generator set that best suits your business needs.

Standby generators: When the unit detects a power outage, it will automatically start in a few seconds to power the required equipment.

Usually permanently fixed to your electrical equipment.

Automatically start/stop the generator set through an automatic transfer switch. Ideal for businesses that require continuous power.

Primary generators: Power equipment continuously for a long time.

Compared with standby generators, primary generators have higher output power, cooling system, and fuel system configuration. Suitable for remote areas or businesses without a mains connection.

Walt Power- Prime Silent Industrial Diesel Generator


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right industrial diesel generator, such as power size, generator set size, fuel consumption, engine quality, noise level, maintenance, installation, and budget.

With the above purchase suggestions, you can choose the industrial diesel generator set that suits your business and ensures that your business is not affected during power outages.

WALT POWER, China’s leading diesel generator set manufacturer and supplier, our expertise in this field can help you choose the most cost-effective industrial diesel generator.

Contact WALT POWER to learn about the wide range of industrial generators, expert guidance, and reliable after-sales support.

Our team of experts can help you understand why you need an industrial diesel generator set and work with you to find the perfect generator set that meets your power needs and budget.

Don’t compromise on an unreliable business power supply.

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