Maintenance Guide

To assure the diesel generator keep at good condition and start successfully when main power shut off. 

Daily checking items

1. check oil and coolant

2. check generator room surroundings

Monthly checking items

1.  check manual or electric governor

2. check coolant PH data and volume

3. check fan and dynamo belt tension  

4. check meters such as volt meter

5. check air filter indicator (if equipped) ,change filter when red

Yearly checking items

1. check oil quality condition

2. check oil filter 

3. check cylinder bolt ,connection rod bolt tension 

4. check valve clearance , nozzle injection condition 

Suggestion Maintenance Guide

√. Cleaning the surface of turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter etc. with a dry cloth.

√. Check the coolant quantity, lubrication oil quantity.

√. Check the fuel level in the tank, add enough if necessary.

√. Check the situation of air filter, oil filter and fuel filters. Solve the leakage in oil/fuel and coolant systems if necessary.

√. Eliminate the air leakage in intake and exhaust pipes, cylinder head gasket and turbocharger.

√. Check the installation situation of every accessory, including the stability of each parts and the reliability of the connection between anchor bolts and relative parts.

√. Check the meters.

√. Check ATS cabinet.

WALT Diesel generators daily maintenance and overhaul should be done by qualified engineer team.

Diesel Generator Routine maintenance

(1). Before each start

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Check the coolant level
  3. Check appearance of radiator core and intercooler.
  4. Check the air filter blockage.
  5. Check the lubrication oil level.
  6. Check whether the control system electrical connection is loose or not.


(2). After running

  1. Carefully check and tighten the rotating parts bolts, especially the connecting bolts of fuel pump, water pump, pulley and fun, and tighten the anchor bolts.
  2. Check fluid (coolant, fuel, oil) leakage, clean-up if necessary.
  3. Exclude the simple breakdown and irregularities in operation.
  4. Clean up the dust on the air filter element.
  5. Check the lubrication level; if necessary, add equal quality oil which can meet the technical requirements.
  6. Check the coolant level; if necessary, add some pure water.
  7. Check whether the electrical connection of the control system is loose or not.
  8. Comprehensively clean the surface of the whole generator sets.


Every 200-400 working hours

Besides the above maintenance projects, add the following:

  1. Check if the battery is abnormal.
  2. Check the filters (water, oil, fuel); replace it if necessary.
  3. Check and adjust fan belt tightness.
  4. If necessary, add or replace the coolant in radiator and engine body.
  5. Check if the wiring thread of the alternator and electric control parts is solid.
  6. Replace the oil.
  7. Replace the oil filter and bypass filter.
  8. Replace the air filter
  9. Replace the fuel filter
  10. Check and adjust the valve clearance


Every 800 working hours

  1. If possible, thoroughly remove the accumulated sludge in the diesel tap.
  2. Check if there is any leakage in the inlet/outlet pipe of the turbocharger.
  3. Check if there is any damage of the pipe connection fasteners, if necessary, replace and fasten the new ones.
  4. Check the fuel injection pressure and atomization, if necessary, clean the injector coupled parts, re-adjust the fuel injection pressure; replace the default fuel injector nozzle.
  5. Check and adjust the fuel injection pump advance angle, replace the injection pump oil.
  6. Clean the fuel tank and pipes.
  7. Clean the oil pan, oil filter.
  8. Inspect and tight rod bolts, main bearing bolts, cylinder head bolts.
  9. Check the battery electrolyte, if necessary, add some.
  10. Check proofread instrument.
  11. Check and adjust the excitation circuit.


Every 1200 working hours

  1. Complete all of the checking works of every 800 working hours.
  2. Check and adjust valve clearance (different engines have different schedule of valve clearance adjustment, Please refer to “Engine operation manual”).


Per 2500hours or as needed

  1. Complete all works of every 1200hours.
  2. Check the injection nozzle. The tightening torque of injection nozzle is 50N.m, for turning it is 15-20N.m. If necessary, replace the nozzle.
  1. Check the turbocharger work situation and do a comprehensive inspection of diesel engine and its accessories by professional engineer.