150kVA 3-Phase Cummins Silent Diesel Generator

Standby 150 kVA Prime 136 kVA. 380-415 V 50Hz. 1500 RPM

Standby 160 kVA Prime 145 kVA. 220-240 V 60Hz. 1800 RPM

350 liters tank: 15 Hours runtime @ 75% load

3250 mm (length) × 1130 mm (width) × 1850 mm (height). 2300 kg

Silent Weather Resistant Canopy

12 Months or 1000hrs Warranty

Country of Origin and Port of Loading: Shanghai China

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Additional information


WALT Power, 150 KVA Cummins diesel generator is a high-performance, robust, and durable unit you can buy for your standby power needs. Cummins is a reliable water-cooled diesel engine which able to ensure the highest quality and stability when duty operations. This 150 KVA generator provides the three-phase output for a multitude of three-phase appliances. 

We also provide open-type & trailer 150 kVA Cummins diesel generators.


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