Reactive Load Bank 800-4800kW

√. Ruggedly constructed and designed for continuous outdoor/indoor operation
√. Complete capacity range from 800kW to 4800KW
√. Reactive load banks get CE approved
√. Wide range of nominal voltage and frequency
√. Optional multi-function intelligent controls
√. Remote, local, or the PC windows control
√. Custom designs available
√. Suited for harsh work conditions -10℃ to +50℃
√. 12 months of global warranty

Additional information


Reactive Load Bank (Namely Resistive Inductive Load Bank) can simulate motor loads and electromagnetic devices within a power system as well as purely resistive loads by offering the ability to set a specific power factor (pf). Resistive Reactive Load Bank is the perfect solution for regularly scheduled maintenance testing and commissioning of mission-critical standby emergency power systems where rated kVA, rated power factor, and rated current testing is required. Usually, it offers a 0.8 power factor load and is designed for testing large generators, switchgear, transformers, and UPS systems.

A resistive Reactive Load Bank can be designed to install the resistive components and reactive components in one enclosure or two separate enclosures. Same as the Resistive Load Bank, it is available in stationary type for permanent installation or portable type with lifting rings, and castors. Larger load banks, typically above 1250KVA, are based on an ISO container construction. Special finishes including custom paint colors and stainless steel casings can be supplied.


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