High Voltage Load Bank 2-5MW

√. ISO container construction

√. Ruggedly constructed and designed for continuous operation

√. Typical containers are available in 20 and 40 feet and specialized control rooms to keep the components weatherproof

√. Provide the operator with a safe and secure work area

√. Transportable, containerized load banks are perfect for large capacity load testing

√. Wide voltage range

√. Optional multi-function intelligent controls

√. Remote, local, or PC Control

√. 12 months of warranty

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WALT lines of stationary, indoor, or outdoor high voltage resistive load banks are designed and built to be permanently mounted and used for dedicated, on-site testing. Load banks up to 10.5k in 50/60Hz can be supplied either fan-forced or naturally ventilated. Using an 11kV load bank directly connected to an 11kV generator or turbine means that a transformer is not required as part of the load bank package and is often a cost-efficient method. Ratings up to 5MW are available.



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