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Walt Power 600kW Cummins Genset Delivered to Bangladesh

Table of Contents

1. Main Specification

Genset ModelWGP-C750
Genset Output Power600kW/750kVA
AlternatorWALT Brushless Alternator with AVR
ControllerSmartGen Full Automatically Module
GovernorElectronic Type
Fuel Tank Capacity8 Hours Integrated Fuel Tank & 1000 Liters Independent Fuel Tank
Warranty12 Months For Global Warranty

2. 600kW/750kVA Diesel Generator Application Industry

  • 2.1 Industrial field: 600kW/750kVA diesel generator sets can be used as backup and main power supply in factories, mines, steel mills and other industrial sites.
  • 2.2 Construction field: In construction sites and building sites, 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can provide temporary power supply.
  • 2.3 Agricultural field: In farms and agricultural production sites, 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used for power supply of irrigation systems, agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • 2.4 Commercial field: 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used in commercial complexes, shopping centers, hotels and other places for backup and primary power supply.
  • 2.5 Medical field: in hospitals and medical institutions, 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used for the power supply of medical equipment and medical facilities.
  • 2.6 Transportation field: In the field of transportation such as railroads, aviation, ships, etc., 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used for the power supply of vehicles and ships.
  • 2.7 Meteorological field: In meteorological observation stations and meteorological warning systems, 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used to provide a stable power supply.
  • 2.8 Oilfield and mining field: in the oilfield and mining, 600kW/750kVA diesel gensets can be used to provide mining equipment and oilfield equipment power supply.

3. Quality & After Sales

3.1 Quality: Manufactured and tested according to ISO9001, ISO8528 standards.

3.2 After Sales: 12 months global warranty

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