50kVA Diesel Generator

  • Chinese Generator Manufactuer and Supplier
  • Powered by Cummins engine
  • 50kVA/40kW genset power
  • Stamford and Walt Power brushless alternators
  • Steel enclosed soundproof canopy – rustproof and waterproof
  • Intelligent UK DeepSea and China SmartGen controller system
  • Standard/500/1000 liters larger double bunded fuel tank built-in
  • ATS for auto start or stop diesel generator
  • Country of origin: Shanghai China
  • One year global warranty
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Additional information


WALT Power 50 KVA diesel generator is a cost-effective, efficient and durable unit you can buy for your prime or standby power needs. Cummins is a reliable water-cooled diesel engine that can ensure the highest quality and best performance when duty operations.

This 50 KVA generator provides the three-phase output for many three-phase appliances. This means you can connect single-phase and three-phase appliances to one generator. Such as 230/400V, 127/220V, etc. 

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